WhatsApp Ringtone Changer Application Can Be Funny Sounds

The ringtone for WhatsApp is an alert if there is an incoming message or call. Currently, there are lots of unique WhatsApp ringtones with various themes and genres that make cellphones more personal.

If you are bored with the default WhatsApp ringtones, try replacing them with more interesting ones. For example, like a WhatsApp ringtone that can make the sound of saying your own name or fill it with a unique and funny sound.

You can specify the ringtone theme of your choice for WhatsApp notification markers with funny or attention-grabbing sounds. In fact, you can also change WhatsApp notifications with your own voice. Of course, this will be suitable for users who want to be different.

Look Different With Unique WhatsApp Ringtones

Starting from ringtones using Google voice, TikTok viral music, to iPhone-like ringtones, you can use them. Even unique and funny ringtones can be your signature when you hang out.

You can install this ringtone app on your Android or iOS phone. After installing it, incoming messages in WA will call your name in your WhatsApp contacts. Apart from that, the WhatsApp call changer application is also equipped with various features, such as notification of the caller’s name, reading WhatsApp messages and battery status.

You only need one application to change the tone of your Whatsapp messages to say the sender’s name and can also be filled with funny ringtones. You can download the application first from here.

Install the WhatsApp Ringtone Application

Install Super funny Ringtones from Google Play Store

Install Notification Reader: Shouter from Google Play Store

  • First download the application to change the WhatsApp ringtone above.
    Open the app.
  • Select the language you want to use.
  • Then allow phone access.
  • Select the Application Notification menu.
  • Select Activate.
  • Done.

That’s how to download a unique and funny WhatsApp ringtone application that you can pin on your favorite smartphone.

Please choose yourself as you wish, whether it’s a short, funny ringtone, filled with the sender’s voice and your own voice or something else.

By changing your WhatsApp ringtone, messages or incoming calls will sound more unique so that it can be easier to recognize your cellphone.

This application can not only be used on WhatsApp, but can also be applied to other apps such as IG messenger and others.

Apart from applications that you can download on the PlayStore, as Kabarsoloraya.com has described above, you can also use sites that you can download from Google.

Sound of Text Google Voice

This site is a site that has been used by many people. In using this application, you will be able to get many things. Starting from using the application for free, many cool features are available to a simple display.

Therefore, do not be surprised if there are so many users of this application. It has even become a mainstay application or site that is used to make WhatsApp ringtones. As already stated, if you use this application it will be easy and simple.

Next, Kabarsoloraya will provide the steps for making ringtones using the Sound of Text site.

  • First open the browser on your device.
  • After that, open the soundoftext.com site on the internet.
  • After entering the site, you will be able to immediately change the language, which can help you access the site.
  • If so, you can just write the word which you want to convert into sound, in the column that is already provided.
  • Next, you can click Submit after your writing is complete.
  • If the conversion process is complete, you click Play to be able to listen to the results of converting text into sound first.
  • If it is to your liking, you can click Download.
  • Done.

When you have finished changing the sound, you will be able to immediately listen to it on your device’s download file. You can also change the ringtone directly that you want.